Channeling Madonna

As a singer who prides herself on her versatility (singing everything from pop, to jazz, to rock, to metal), it's an extra special treat to get to portray only ONE singer -- for an entire show!

Such is the nature of a tribute band. The first tribute I ever joined paid homage to the music of the prog rock giants (Yes, Rush, Dream Theater, Emerson Lake & Palmer, etc.). I didn't know a single prog rock song, but I relished the challenge of wrapping my brain around really tough arrangements, some of which were sixteen minutes long (!!).   

My second tribute band, Lady Evil, paid homage to Ronnie James Dio (of Black Sabbath, Dio and Rainbow).  Knowing virtually nothing about Dio, and being almost totally unfamiliar with Dio's music, I was surprised to find that his soaring operatic range was a close match for my own.   

And now, Madonna. Unlike the other two tributes, I grew up singing along to all of Madonna's music.  I am far from a Madonna newbie!  Which makes it even more meaningful to get to pay tribute to this formidable artist.

My new tribute band, "So Madonna," is one of only two Madonna tribute bands in the entire country (outside of Vegas, where Madonna lookalikes are a mainstay). We're looking forward to taking America by storm!

Check out "So Madonna" on the web!