VoyageLA Feature

It's been a rough year for musicians (and pretty much everyone else on the planet!)  Most public gigs have been canceled for public health reasons.  

But while gigs this year have been few and far between, I've been working on…

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Happy 2019!

Happy new year, friends! 

If you're like most people I know, you couldn't wait to leave 2018 behind.  While I feel the same - out with the old, in with the new, fresh start, etc. - I have to…

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Channeling Madonna

As a singer who prides herself on her versatility (singing everything from pop, to jazz, to rock, to metal), it's an extra special treat to get to portray only ONE singer -- for an entire show!

Such is the…

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House of Blues Anaheim

It's amazing that until last week, when I played the House of Blues Anaheim with Ron Anfuso (my acoustic duo partner in Detour Unplugged), I had never set foot in any House of Blues, anywhere.   I think someone needs to…

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NAMM 2018

When I first moved to LA, I had no clue how to find my "people." Where were my fellow musicians? Sure, you could meet them in their native habitats (clubs, bars, Guitar Center). But on such a small scale. 

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Mind Over Body

Recently, I had four gigs in four days.  With a total of 16 hours of singing in those four days. And I caught a cold on the first of those four days.

The virus made my voice begin to…

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