Kamazaze Photoshoot in Southeast Portland

Last weekend in Portland, talented photographer Jess Johnson (http://jessjohnsonphoto.net) and I collaborated on some very cool and edgy urban photos. So what if it was 42-degrees, and I was often half-naked (especially while changing behind the car)?  Who cares that I couldn't feel my fingertips? I climbed chain-link fences and teetered over railings in stiletto boots and sequined mini-dresses;  Isn't that part of the fun?

I'll always go the extra mile to capture something special through my art, be it a photo or live performance.   If you don't put your whole self into something you love, what the heck is the point? 

Check out more photos from the shoot on my Photos page.

Styling/ HMUA: Cate Norman (https://www.instagram.com/cate.vs.hair)