House of Blues Anaheim

It's amazing that until last week, when I played the House of Blues Anaheim with Ron Anfuso (my acoustic duo partner in Detour Unplugged), I had never set foot in any House of Blues, anywhere.   I think someone needs to revoke my "Professional Singer" card. 

We played in the Foundation Room.  Just in case it wasn't obvious that this was the VIP room, the management decorated it not-so-subtly in homage to Cleopatra (with an imposing gold idol statue watching over us as we played, ornate curtains draping the stage, and exotic fuschia lighting). 

Meanwhile, file this under "it's a small world": Right next door, in the venue's large dining area, my buddies Rosh Roslin (guitarist) and Chris Evans (bass) just happened to be playing some live band karaoke.  (Check out their website:  I wanted to sit in with them, but by the time Detour Unplugged's short set was over, Rosh and Chris were already packing up. 

There's nothing I value more in this world than being a member in this VIP club: The club of professional working musicians. I've met some of my best friends that way, and there's an instant connection between you even before you've said a word.  I wouldn't trade my membership for anything. 

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